Vision Statement:
Restoring hope and dignity in people exploited by human trafficking.

Mission and Goals Statement

Magdalene House Society facilitates safe environments for the recovery of persons exploited through human trafficking by:

  • influencing policy through dialogue with government;
  • building awareness through education and advocacy towards the elimination of human trafficking; and
  • providing a long-term care facility offering physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual services for persons exploited through human trafficking.

Values and Beliefs

Magdalene House Society:

  • believes that all human beings must be treated with respect and dignity;
  • assists in restoring hope, trust, dignity and self-worth in persons exploited through human trafficking; and
  • our work is based on the 7 commitments of trauma-informed practice

Board Members

David Bouchard, President
Gerry Fitzgerald, interim Vice-President
Aaron Zinger, Treasurer
Cathy Bouchard, Acting Secretary
Christine Stewart, Director
Zeljka Udovicic, Director
Tammy Rogers, Executive Director

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